About Us.

I have been spinning vinyl since 1970 not as long as some but long enough to know that no other medium comes close to a correctly setup turntable and cartridge.

My first records were played on a cream vinyl covered Dansette with a plush brown tweed cloth and front mono speaker, the Garrard 401 and SME arm combo was the turntable to have. Radiograms were still a big thing at this time and were slowly being taken over by the modern music centre, I remember the Bang and Olufson beogram classy and very pricey.

Garrard had gone into liquidation in the late 70’s so the 401 was no longer available, many owners were not selling them either they packed them up and put them in the shed or the loft and bought cd players, A BBC Program Tomorrows World said that vinyl was dead and CD was the new medium for the future, I remember them spreading strawberry jam on one and playing it. As the years passed and many different brands of turntables mainly Garrard’s were used for playing our vinyl, now I am the proud owner of a Loricaft Garrard 501 the one in the pictures on the 501 page this replaced my trusty white 301 grease bearing that Loricraft Audio refurbished for me and I still own today with other fully refurbished units.

I met Terry O’Sullivan from Loricraft Audio a few years ago I had a huge collection of Garrard turntables and I wanted spare parts for these units but unfortunately they did not have any to spare. This is when it all really started and has grown into what you see now. We buy and sell parts to Martin Bastin (we cannot give you his number) and also supply Loricraft Audio with pulleys and plastic parts. About 90% of our parts go abroad there seems to be a bigger audience for the classic Garrard in the western part of the world most of the parts we sell are sold through eBay.

Our spare parts section is growing, I feel that most Garrard owners are natural DIY experts and like to undertake there own servicing, fitting of spare parts and are natural fiddlers myself included this is where we come in. This is not a full time business for us but a hobby business and is slowly growing in size and being trusted to sell quality British engineered parts is very important to us.

We do not post any technical information or history on our pages because this can be found on the web and most has already been written, googling Garrard 301 / 401 will present thousands of pages, I have found that one of the best sites for Garrard technical support and good advise is the vinyl engine we have a direct link to them in the links menu.

I would like to thank Terry from Loricraft Audio for his kind permission to use the Garrard Trademark on our products and this makes the products look more authentic.