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Customer Notice

If your an existing customer you will have to recreate your account to place an order, unfortunately the old website did not allow us to import old customer details and data this was due to GDPR and data protection act, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Our New Website

I have been working hard on our new shop , there wasn’t much wrong with the old site but with PayPal and credit card changes up coming I had to get myself in gear and get it done, I have been messing about taking pictures today of my Loricraft Garrard 501 turntable for a decent picture to feature on the front page! I think it came out alright, it’s a thing of beauty and to be honest one of the lucky ones to own such a turntable, I doubt that it will ever be produced again, we will see what the new future brings with the new Garrard owners SME.

SME Acquires the Garrard brand

Garrard 301 and Garrard 401 Spark Suppressors

Good news, Perfect Sound spark suppressors are now back in stock for the Garrard 301 and Garrard 401 please check out our product pages to order.

Loricraft Garrard 501

I have received today a set of sorbothane suspension balls for my Garrard 501 to replace the squash balls that have been sat in plinth for the last 5 years! I will be putting the turntable through it’s paces at the weekend to see if these make a huge difference?

Garrard 301 Turntable Mat Update

I have collected today 9 Garrard 301 turntable mats from my supplier these he had kept just in case I needed some in an emergency and he was right. I have asked him for a new batch to be manufactured he is now on the case fingers crossed for January.

I have also topped up on Garrard 501 platter rings these also work great on the Garrard 301 and 401 damping the ring the platters produce. 

Garrard 301 Turntable Mats

I am sorry to say we are now out of Garrard 301 turntable mats we are hoping in the new year to get a new batch made, the mats are marked out of stock at this time, please check back periodically to check the status or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Garrard 301 Spark Suppressors

Unfortunately one of our Japanese customers has cleared us out of Garrard 301 spark suppressors the parts have been ordered for a new batch and should be back in stock next week.